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Communication was great in organizing and then rescheduling so promptly!

Thrilled with the result of our Chaise lounge - thanks Gidon. Highly recommended!!


Get Professional Rug Care From Someone With 20+ Years of Experience

Cleaning luxury rugs requires high-level expertise that very few people in Australia have acquired. When you choose to trust your rug with the Oriental Rug Cleaning Company, your rug is cleaned with our proprietary 10-step process. Our simple rug pick up and drop off means you'll never have to worry about transporting a heavy rug. Plus, as the only Master Rug Cleaner in Melbourne, you know you're hiring a leading expert in the field.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Gidon Kabaker...

When I started the Oriental Rug Cleaning Company, I wanted to build a company that puts customers' experience first - along with meticulous rug care. From the first quotation to the final delivery, I want you to know exactly what to expect.

Throughout my journey (which took me to the U.S. for world-class training), I've learned industry-leading rug cleaning techniques. When paired with the best equipment, you can be assured your rug will be cleaned and dried by a true professional. It's because of my experiences that I can say with complete confidence that you won't find a better solution for cleaning your one-of-a-kind luxury rug anywhere else

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I Can't Wait to Start Restoring Your Rug to Its Former Splendour. But First, Let's Take a Closer Look at My Story…

1997 New | Beginnings

The birth of my son amplified my need to find a lasting career. I was introduced to the carpet cleaning world when I subcontracted for a local carpet cleaning company. From the first day, I knew this is what I wanted to do and decided to start my own business.

2000 | Finding My Way

Over the next few years, I started educating myself and getting guidance from experts in the field. As my knowledge in the industry deepened, my business continued to grow.

2003-2007 | Becoming a Pro

My journey towards excellence took me to my first official Rug Cleaning course in the U.S. Over these years I travelled to the U.S several times to take training courses about rug cleaning, building a business, and managing employees. I wanted to have a better structure in my business than the businesses I worked for at the start of my career.

2016-2020 | Cleaning Industry

Association President I was elected President of the Cleaning Industry Association. I ran for this position because I wanted to create a more professional and regulated industry. I believe the people we serve deserve to have carpet cleaning, disaster recovery, and mould remediation regulations set.

2018 | My Commercial Venture

Merging my cleaning business with a big commercial cleaning company meant I was able to take on more sophisticated work. I developed a new concept for the commercial business and took on bigger challenges. The partnership dissolved but the discoveries remain invaluable to my current business.

2019 | Business Revival

I transitioned back to running my own business in disaster recovery and revived the Oriental Rug Cleaning Company. Happily focusing once more on my specific skill-set, the business has been consistently growing and evolving.

2020 | Victoria's Only Rug Master Cleaner

The prestigious Rug Master Cleaner program is a costly program based in the U.S. and run by a third-generation Master Rug Cleaner. Only a handful of rug cleaners around the world achieve this certification. During the intensive program, I learned about the structure of intricate rugs worldwide. I discovered how to clean rugs even when the dyes become unstable as well as proper chemical chemistry. After implementing the new skills into daily practice for 6 months, I went back to complete the certification exam.


The Oriental Rug Cleaning Company has undergone an exciting branding transition to help more luxury rug owners, like you. You'll always receive reliable rug cleaning and care for your investment. If you're looking to restore your high-quality rug, book your free consultation.

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Whether you're looking for a solution to remove the stains from your rug or you're looking to freshen up a space in your home with a new high-end rug, the Oriental Rug Cleaning Company is here to help.

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