Rug Repairs Require a Trained Expert

You've invested a lot into your luxury rug. Don't trust the intricate repairs to just anyone. During your no-obligation consultation, we will evaluate the state of your rug and determine the best next steps.

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Can my Damaged Rug be Repaired?

After a while maybe you've started to notice changes in your rug like small holes forming, frayed edges, faded motifs, or even moth damage. Whether you hand-picked your high-quality rug or if it's a priceless family heirloom, it can be concerning to see your investment start to deteriorate.

Only a trained professional rug expert can accurately assess your rug's damage. The good news is that once you've had a rug repair assessment, you'll have specific recommendations for potential rug repairs.

A Rug Assessment is The First Step to Rejuvenate Your Rug

No two luxury rugs are made exactly the same. Rug repair assessment takes this into account and evaluates all the different variables. During the assessment, your rug will be assessed based on the fibre content, condition, age, and colouring to determine the extent of the damage.

It's only after this thorough assessment that we will have a complete picture of the needed repairs. Repair experts will match fibres, colours, dyes and rug patterns so that the restored area is not noticeable. Repairs can prolong the life of your rug and ensure you'll continue to enjoy it for years to come.

If you have a high-quality rug that's starting to show its age, our professional rug master can start the restorative process with a free rug consultation.