Extend the Life of Your Rug With a Rug Pad

Experience peace of mind knowing your new rug is being protected from the ground up with a properly fitted Rug Pad

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Prevent Problems Before They Start With a Rug Pad

You've shopped carefully and finally found the perfect rug for your home. You paid for it and arranged for delivery. But that's not the end of the story.

A rug pad will properly position your new purchase on the floor. It protects the underside of the rug from rubbing against the floor. The pad protects the floor, too. It provides extra ventilation to the rug, protecting it from moisture and rot. Rug pads also make the rug more comfortable to walk on and reduce noise.

How To Choose The Right Rug Pad

Even though it will be hidden from view, it's important to choose the right pad. Besides how it feels to your feet, you should find out which type of pad is the best fit for your particular rug.

There are many different kinds of rug pads available. They vary in thickness, density and weave. You'll need to consider all this when deciding on which pad to buy. Don't hesitate to ask questions about rug pads when you're shopping for rugs.

Rug pads may seem like an unnecessary extra purchase, but they're not. A little investment upfront will pay off in the long run as the life of your rug is extended.

Our rug experts are here to help you choose the perfect rug

pad for your home. It's never too late to start using one, your feet and your floor will be grateful you did.